Cherry Foundation, a 501 C-3 non-profit organization that partners with other companies and organizations to educate the benefits of careers in the healthcare industry, is partnering with SIPS Consults and CS Assist to host the annual Scrub Ball in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of this event is to recognize members of the healthcare community that are seldom recognized, with an emphasis on their importance to the medical industry.   


Scrub Ball will be a three-day event, celebrating, honoring, and recognizing men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to serving others in the healthcare arena. This will be the opportunity to thank frontline workers for the patients that did not survive the pandemic and other illnesses, the families that survived and for the sacrifices that could have put their own families at risk.  


The Scrub Ball vision is to create an annual celebration for healthcare employees while allowing for a weekend of learning, networking, and appreciation.   The agenda includes powerful guest speakers from prominent medical institutions and organizations across America.  


Scrub Ball will have participation from Preoperative, Scrub Techs, CS, Dental and several other healthcare sectors. It is our hope that you can attend this event to support the valuable and deserving honorees (you may have someone you would like to nominate for this year’s award).